Just Before The ‘Sexting’

Sexting is a chatting variant that passes as a genre of personalized erotica when the partner in crime is far from you and not physically reachable. There are School-of-thoughts that feel that too much sexting will reduce the quality of your relationship! Tell me what doesn’t go bad when too much….

To sext is also to meet your partner in a portable erotic classroom — a place where you communicate your needs and desires — so by the time you’re in bed together, you know each others’ deepest fantasies without having to say a word. These virtual communication channels give us permission to dream big and dare to dream with another person.

Of course, trust is essential. You probably don’t want to engage in this kind of erotica with a guy who shortly after exchanging numbers requests a picture of your tits or a random guy who sends you a Snapchat of his penis after only a few brief exchanges. Bad sexters are like bad lovers — a huge disappointment. But they shouldn’t turn you off to the act entirely.

The passion shared, the opportunity it gives you to maintain the attention of your significant other, even while you are miles away cannot be ignored! And for couples who are close to each other, what better way to set the mood for a mind blowing experience than a few sensual messages…. All that said, there is a need for rules! If there is safe sex, there has to be safe sexting.

In this society our biggest chat tool is whatsapp, if that is true in your case, pay attention. Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and you must be warned that Facebook is sitting on the most detailed data in Human history! Imagine your nudes being part of your information kept on some server somewhere…That leads to my first and Only rule


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