Why You Must Write A GOOD Resignation Letter

So you got a better job? Or you are finally taking that bold step to leave the security of a monthly salary to face the world of entrepreneurship…Well, congratulations. I can understand why you are so excited about the move. But sadly I realised, many people have been taught how to get jobs, but nobody is teaching anybody how to leave Jobs!

Perhaps we feel how we leave doesn’t matter…wake up from that slumber, how you leave people or organisations matter a lot! Sounds strange? I understand we don’t have many proverbs about ‘last impressions’…it’s all about the ‘first impression’ you think…well, you thought wrong! The way you leave people makes an indelible mark in their minds…and unlike the first impression; you won’t be around to work on adjusting the ‘last impression’. It stays like that; grows thicker and more vivid with every memory of you…waiting till you see again. So how do you want your next meeting to be?

That MD who is about to become the ‘former boss’, might be the Minister who will sign that contract that will change your life some 15years down the line…And that CEO you don’t like very much, might be on the board of the company you are moving to…you might not know yet; not until you are due for that promotion that would make you a top manager…am talking about 7 years from now when you are 39 and your options are limited!

The manner with which we leave relationships both in business and in our personal lives is as important as our conduct while it lasted. Let your resignation letter communicate warmth and hope, and before you write, go down memory lane and try to picture your life without that job, when you needed it so badly… You can even make a list of the additions your life and career has had while working there, think on those so you won’t write carelessly, especially if you are sure your departure will be costly for them…

Also, watch your Social Media Posts too, beware of spiteful quotes and rhetorics about your former place of work! Read it once and again; if it looks wrong, don’t post it! After the official letter has been pushed forward; on your last day with them, do a courteous mail to your teammates and other staff members who were helpful at some point during your stay with the company. It will go a long way.

Leave in style and don’t burn that bridge!

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