Online Dating; Simple Rules You Need

If you have spent as many years as I have with the internet you will know,, Yahoo personals, Perfspot, AOL, Yahoo messenger chat rooms, and later Hi5.

Before Facebook and Twitter came, ‘Social Media’ was basically an Online Dating thing! And from the early 2000s up to around 2005, all we did with Online dating (social media then) was to waste our time chatting with bots that we thought were girls! Sounds familiar?

The challenges were, we didn’t have credit cards to join premium sites like, and when we registered free, we couldn’t chat with anybody real! And on most of the sites, we just couldn’t find Nigeria on the list of countries so we started creating fake identities so we could just have a login to be able to view those very sexy girls….and some folks later took it to the next level, and we had the birth of ‘yahoo-yahoo‘…I remember the only cafe in my entire part of the city at that time that had a webcam for video chat. And my very first real chat on…long story for another day!

Point is, somehow, Online Dating became a real thing here too. Now you can meet and date a Sade, or Amina here in Nigeria ONLINE! And now it seems it’s already outdated! Our usual way here, we discover something new, we jump on it, abuse it and dump it. It seems we have finally dumped the ‘Online dating’ thing…But in case you are still there; a few tips for you

1. Don’t go crazy over pictures (They are usually overrated)
2. Don’t ask for too many details…be satisfied with the simple gist, else you will get lied to. For heaven’s sake, who she has given some of her cookies is not your business…it won’t reduce your share.
3. Pay little attention to Social Media Profiles – Usually flooded with Lies. Instead, allow them to express themselves, then pay attention.
4. If you still aren’t satisfied, drop that phone; go out and meet real people!

Finally, don’t rule out the possibility of meeting someone real and building something that will last, who knows…something good can happen!

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