Online Dating; Simple Rules You Need

If you have spent as many years as I have with the internet you will know,, Yahoo personals, Perfspot, AOL, Yahoo messenger chat rooms, and later Hi5. Before Facebook and Twitter came, ‘Social Media’ was basically an Online Dating thing! And from the early 2000s up to around 2005, all we did […]

E-commerce; a tale of Many Colours

2015 was the year online shopping finally won a place in our lives. We looked forward to the new arrivals, watched out for discount sales and even kept vigil for Black Friday. This is not a big surprise due to the increasing accessibility to technology; especially mobile, that Africa now has. The average seventeen-year-old now […]

6 Facebook Remarketing Tactics That Work

Looking for a way to re-engage past customers and prospects on Facebook? Wondering how to use remarketing to deliver behavior-based messaging to specific audiences? If you’re looking to build successful remarketing funnels on Facebook, you’ll need to deliver unique ads to custom audiences segmented according to their browsing history and interests. In this article, you’ll […]