Use this Simple Trick to save any Web Page as PDF

Have you ever researched a topic online and wished you could get a downloadable document you can keep and alas you found that perfect article on a blog page.If you are like me, you would wish you could save this page as a PDF document.


Well, here is how I do it


  1. Select all the desired content you want on that page, using the shortcut ctrl+A helps on some pages, however on some other websites, selecting All also selects some other parts of the web page that are not desired. So try and see what works for you
  2. Copy all the selected content (Text and Images)
  3. Open Microsoft Word, Use the Shortcut ctrl+V to paste all selected. You will find everything on the Word Document Editor
  4. Edit the pasted content and be sure it is meet for your needs.
  5. Use the file Tab at the Top Left Corner to ‘Save As’ a ‘PDF’
  6. Open the pdf you saved to be sure it is well done!


There you have it, a pdf you can keep and refer to at any time, not having to save the page as a bookmark or go through the treasure-hunt on Google every single time you need to make a reference.

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