Social Currency; The Way Out When Experience Is Not In Your Favour

The world of job-hunting (For seekers) and hiring (for employers) seem very uncharted. There is no magna carta of how you are guaranteed to get a good job or how you can get the best employee for your company. No hack to this issue! So it got me thinking, what could really be the most important factor; a 1st class or 2’1 degree, 5 years of marking time in a related role, hands-on skills or a certificate!

In fact there are fields where you won’t even set a foot through the front door if you haven’t spent hundreds of dollars writing a professional exam, take, for instance; Computer Networking…your CCNA at least, must be in your kitty!

Will that make anybody a good employee, of course not. We all know this. So where do we find the balance? Or are these many confusing requirements just meant to weed out applicants and reduce the crowd? Employers even seem confused sometimes, they want you to be younger than 25 years of age,  at least 3 years experience, and graduated with a 2’1.

Point is, what age did the average person gain admission? Although I learnt Jamb can be easy these days, but some of us crossed the 20-year mark before University admission could happen! Add ASUU strikes and NYSC to it; you get to 27 or 28 years with zero years experience.

What’s the missing link here?? Our educational system or the labour market itself? What should be prioritised? Certificates, Skills, Passion etc… Anyway, there is almost no single answer to that, it depends on your angle.

But one thing that has a definite path to an answer is the question of “how do you beat the odds and land a good(good is relative) job?”


One thing that works is  Social Currency! It has worked for me time and again, please pay attention.

For the sake of a definition, I will define Social Currency as the benefits derived or tendency to derive benefits from one’s presence in social networks and communities. This is what we call ‘Reps’, ‘Street Cred’ or ‘Street Credibility‘. Remember that guy back in Uni who wasn’t as brilliant as you are but coordinated most of the courses? Yes, that is what he had and you will agree that he got ‘benefits’ in his grades.


How do you build your street cred with the aim of getting a job or contract or deal?

First, look through your Social Media pages and check out those companies trying to market you online. What they are doing with that Monday Motivation, Happy Friday and Funny posts aren’t far fetched; they are building street cred for their brands and products around a particular theme before a particular audience. This leads me to 3 key elements; a theme, a brand, and an audience! This article is about teaching simple ways by wich you can achieve the right exposure for yourself, for the right topics to the right people.


Continued in Part 2 here

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