Building A Viable Online Audience through Simple Brand Definition (Social Currency Part 2)

I get asked a lot “how do these social media followers turn to revenue” by people wanting to know how having a ton of followers can ever add up to anything meaningful. My answer is usually the same…”it depends on how you got the followers in the first place.
The returns you can get from any audience is very dependent on how you built and maintained that audience. A follower who has stuck with you for the past 7 months (because he finds your posts meaningful) is more likely to buy from you than a follower that just clicked ‘follow’ so as to remove the padlock from your IG!
For that conversion (sales, download or any form of action you want from your audience) to happen, the match between your page and the audience must be correct and well nurtured and it all starts with defining your brand!

1. What is your Brand?
This is a question of your Identity. Who are you? or rather who do you want to be seen as? An entertainer? An entrepreneur? An Artist, A career person, A Model? The objective is for you to be taken seriously as a serious-minded _________(put what you say you are).


So to begin to build your personal brand for layman and expert to see you as a practitioner, you need to be clear about who you are. If you are seeking respect and rewards as an Academia; looking like a model won’t help you much. And if you seek the benefits of a model, you won’t write those qualities you think you have in a text alone; you might want to show it off too! It’s FREE and it’s your SPACE! I want you to begin to think of your Social Media pages as your personal TV Station and Billboard; what will you sell on it?


2. Define your theme

What do you want to be known for? What aspects of life do you seek opportunities for? You need to first decide what that area is so you can be sure you have not built a dysfunctional personal brand. Be clear about what you want to be known for, don’t try too many themes at once; rather take them one after the other. When one fails to yield results after a certain period of time, you try another.


There was a time I was trying to promote my music online! Yea, I did sing. My total Online Persona wasn’t what it is today, not at all. Because,  today what I seek is not a record deal, but for clients to see me as a serious-minded digital expert who can get them some ROI. If your theme is Fashion for instance; you want to be known as a Designer or Model, or even a critic, so those photos of you in your play shorts and singlet won’t work as Online Content anymore! Imagine me writing a sports blog…No way No! It had to be Digital Avenue. Do you get the gist?


3. Define, Attract and Delight your Audience

Who are the buyers of your skills, Passion or interests? Those are your target audience! Getting your feeds to their timelines is your objective! Let your posts be relevant to the topics, hashtags, discussions that relate to them so your expertise(or lack of it) can get noticed by the right people.


Adding people is incredibly easy on LinkedIn. I handpicked about 90% of my 11,000+ connections on LinkedIn (as at 2017) based on their profile; people that speak in my language, who can appreciate what I do and of course, people who can make that much-awaited phone call. Don’t just fill up your space with a weightless crowd. Build a qualitative community around your brand.


Delighting your audience is achieved by simply giving value. Don’t take those followers and Likers for granted, give them value for their time, they will value you in return. Having understood who they are and what they like; creating valuable content around what they like will give you that credibility you need to build. If it is a job you seek, portray your skills across your social channels; let every follower or friend that cares, know that this is what you are about. Build that association in the minds of people, between your Social Media Handle and that thing you want to be known for.


The day there is a vacancy like there was in my case, you will be the first consideration provided the right people are on your list and they have been getting the right content(uploads, posts, videos, memes etc.) on your page. I never applied for my first job out of school; the IT Head at a particular company who was going to be the General Manager of a new subsidiary they were planning was the one who contacted me on LinkedIn, to ask if I will like to be part of the New startup. Here is the catch; my LinkedIn was and is still full of things I do, even on my Facebook, Instagram and other pages, you just can’t miss it, you will see it clearly that this person must be into some kind of  Online PR or something related to that.


That is because I put it all out there, boldly, at the risk of people’s ‘bad mouth’; I sound my trumpet. Do you want acting roles? Act something, in fact, act many things and put them online! Remember Falz? yea we all do, if you don’t, Google ‘Falz’.

Are you a foodie? Let your online community know you for that one thing.


So how does the Social Currency benefit me you may ask, my third point above gives a hint! Whenever someone of your ‘composition’ is needed; you are top on the list, because they all know that is what you do! Plus, there are various tools like coeverywhere which marketers like myself use to find influencers. So it is incredibly easy to identify you as a voice among a particular group of people or location(audience), on a certain topic(theme). That is if you have done the hard work of months and months of building Social Currency around that topic within that online or offline community.


If I want to market electric cookers to a group of students, my first task is to locate the girls with the most interest in food on that campus, make them campus ambassadors and they get rewarded for it. What I am looking for are the members of that community who have the strongest voice on the subject of cooking in that community I want to sell to! I am not going to engage a shoe addict for that…heck No!


So you love Programming and you want an IT job? what on your Facebook tells me that? Have you ever complained about ‘Sublime Text’ or a particular code refusing to run? When was the last time you shared one of your findings with your various Online Communities? That is your problem.

If you can’t twerk, that means you are a ‘non-twerker’; stop making a waste of people’s time. They spent money streaming that video that ended as a disappointment…don’t do it, do what you know! The moment you attempt to make a video like ‘Lasisi Elenu’ and you misfire…you look stupid instantly and loose mileage. ‘Humour’ is not the only kind of content… FIND WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT AND DO IT.

Let your product, skills and passion permeate your social atmosphere! Stop doing the cool thing in vogue; be about your own thing and when the opportunity comes, you and only you will be perfect for it.

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