Do-It-Yourself: 5 alternatives to WordPress

Gone are those days when web design used to be a huge deal. With the domination of CMS platforms like WordPress, just anybody can embark on a web development project; and emerge with an excellent result in a matter of days; with limited customization of course. Generally speaking, WordPress is a very powerful, flexible platform. […]

How to place your Website App on Google Play Store

Well, I must start by saying I was among the last set of people to ditch the blackberry platform for Android! That tells you it wasnt a fancy decision, neither was it about getting the next cool toy; I made the switch because I clearly saw that Android had become the synonym for Mobile. I […]

Open to a New Career? Try Digital!

It is no news that there is an increasing trend of online businesses in Nigeria, from Online shopping, Online Banking, Online Magazines and so on. Traditional businesses are also creating apps and other online ‘products’ so one way or the other, we have all gone online and that ‘online thing’ is founded on certain skills […]